St. Paul Raspberry Island View

I have been trudging through my archives looking for images that I particularly enjoyed back in 2011 and still do today.

Here is one of my favorites from October 8th, 2011.  This image taken from Raspberry Island under the Wabasha Street bridge in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Nice view of the railroad lift bridge and the tugs stacked against the levee.  I couldn’t have asked for better clouds or color for the sunrise.

This was my version almost two years ago:

This is my new version today, with a slightly different crop and different post processing:


One of my favorite things is to look back from whence I have come.  It helps complete the picture of where you are now by providing the contrast from where you have been – me


22 Replies to “St. Paul Raspberry Island View”

  1. love this photo…I do have to say I particularly I love the lighting of the second one it is beautiful…when you compare the two the first one, while great is dark…which isn’t a negative.

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