Pickerel Lake Landing – St. Paul, MN

This is another shot from 2011.  There is this fabulous view just west of Wabasha Street via Plato Blvd; then W Water Street which eventually turns info Lilydale Road.  Pickerel Lake is beautiful and full will color in Autumn.  I remember the day well.  The lake was very busy with waterfowl swimming around as well as coming and going.

//original 2011 post//

Original 2011 rendition

Here is the rework of the file.  16×9 aspect ratio crop and a bit of post processing work in LR5.



5 Replies to “Pickerel Lake Landing – St. Paul, MN”

  1. the original was wonderful to begin with but the reworked one is much lighter and brighter, awesome! I have to mention it is interesting to see how your vision has changed with the reworking you’ve shown recently…

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