Minneapolis, MN – West Bank Waterfront

We were hopeful of a stone arch bridge cityscape sunset, but the clouds did not cooperate.  Our last trip to the area was rainy and there were pretty much zero photo opportunities.  I can live with clouds.  This is a much-photographed urban location.  There is quite a bit here to see and do – including the mill city ruins.

Our target for this outing was the Grain Belt Beer bottle cap and do some night shooting.  This bottle cap has and continues to be a pretty big deal.  It used to be lit up.  It last went dark in November of 1991 shortly after G. Heileman Brewery declared bankruptcy in 1990.  This sign has been around for 80+ years.  You can read more about it here.

Here are some shots from our excursion to the concrete jungle yesterday evening.



9 Replies to “Minneapolis, MN – West Bank Waterfront”

  1. Your photos, the perspectives from which you shoot them, always draw my eye into the image. Excellent work. You make the concrete jungle appear lovely. And believe me, that is a true compliment coming from this “I don’t like the big city” girl.

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