The Fight of Our Lives

A wonderfully written article re: GMO’s. Inform yourselves.

Day by Day the Farm Girl Way...

I grew up in the agricultural heartland of America. My parents were farmers, as were their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. Farming is my legacy.  And, even though I am not a farmer today, I am still proud to call myself a farm girl.

Over the years, I became well aware of the controversy surrounding what was basically referred to as a continuum of the farming revolution. New farming methods and production practices were marketed in a positive manner, creating vast changes in agriculture. Buzz phrases like “labor-saving”, “economic benefits”, and “higher production” were widely used to promote and propel advances in the agricultural industry.

For me, however, it was not until I was studying American History in high school that I paid much attention to farm talk. Each Friday, our teacher, Mr. Rasmussen, hosted a current events class. Sometimes heated discussions erupted over controversial subjects or happenings. There always seemed to be a division in the class…

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One Reply to “The Fight of Our Lives”

  1. as an avid opponent of all things gmo and yet a farm girl myself, this topic strikes deep. i have had to explain to farmers who don’t yet understand the issue with gmos that i am entirely on their side cuz no farmer that i grew up with or near would intentionally plant food that harms. this is big industry’s greed at its finest (worst)…and people need to wake up and realize that only they can stop this by buying/growing organic food. period. big business won’t stop any other way. genetic pollution is filling their pockets too fast for them to care.

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