2013: Weeks #44 Photography

Another week closer to the end…or good ol 2013.  We saw our first measurable snow this week – ick.  It wasn’t much, but just enough  for people to not utilize common sense.  Wet + <32 = ?  Huh?  I don’t geddit.  It baffles me each year at this time.  There is not atom splitting going on here.

It was entertaining to watch all of the five-O fund-raising this last week.  They have been at it for a few weeks now with a day off here and there to trick those that do not pay attention.  Yep, there are plenty of them too.  They are in the same group as those above.  Cop + speeding = ?  Huh?  I don’t geddit.

It isn’t hideously cold out yet thankfully.  There is still time for that long neglected yard work that should have been done weeks ago.  Finishing coffee and getting dressed to tackle all that super-duper fun joy joy stuff now.  Have a great weekend all.

Here are s few shot from this last week.


4 Replies to “2013: Weeks #44 Photography”

  1. looks like you had a great week! I’m always inspired by the unique way you capture a photo! we re getting snow as I type… 😦 it is supposed to warm up so it won’t stay 🙂

  2. Actually splitting atoms isn’t all that difficult. Just the right speed in the neutron: 6.5 x 10 ( to the minus 6th power) should do the trick just fine for U238.

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