Cancer Cluster Parkway?


Power lines are everywhere.  While driving around a bit this afternoon this became quite evident.  One side of the road wasn’t enough.  Let’s line both sides of the roadway and call in Cancer Cluster Parkway.  Wouldn’t you know it, there  is an elementary school a stones throw away.

Every time I see a scene like this it brings me back to the early 80’s when the fear of cancer clusters were all a buzz.  I haven’t thought about this scare in quite some time.  I can’t remember all the arguments put forth back then, but I recall that they were convincing.

A simple Google search yields endless link to information that would consume every walking hour to sift through, not to mention examine in great detail.  Some sites even provide a visual aide illustrating the ailment to expect as varying distances…that is so helpful.

It is difficult at times filtering the BS.  Phrases like “Absolutely possible” do not distill much confidence in claims of danger.  The notion of cancer cluster due to high-voltage power lines is either total crap or there isn’t enough evidence to support the theory or there is just so much money involved that you’ll never get to the bottom of it.  The latter may very well be the case and it wouldn’t shock me a bit.  Yeah, we are there.  These types of things should outrage people until the truth is known.  There are all sorts of scares out there these days and it seems a fair bit easier to avoid rather than challenge and engage.

I find high-voltage power lines extremely ugly and an extreme eyesore.  Cancer clusters or not, I don’t plan on living near these types of high-voltage power lines any time soon.  If something does directly impact you, you are less likely to do anything about it…if it is in fact true.

I’ve accomplished nothing here really, other than snapping a picture of a roadway lined in high-voltage power lines.

Happy Thursday.


3 Replies to “Cancer Cluster Parkway?”

    1. If only there was wind underground…

      I know it is easier to string the lines above ground, but it would be nice if they went subterranean as I spend a fair amount of time removing their ghastly presence from my photos or passing on photo ops altogether as it would be too time-consuming to remove.

      I did listen to a fascinating bit on MPR’s Science Friday regarding wind turbines in the jet stream; although they would be tethered to earth and some sort of cable would be needed to transfer the energy – their presence may not be as noticeable.

  1. I got out of the car at an area near here where there are the big metal towers, as well as some older style wooden ones. It looked like an interesting picture, but it was scary with the car off to be in an area with so much present electrical sound all around. Spooky.

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