Happy Merry Ho Ho Ho

Aaaahh the holiday seasons…what’s not to love?  Time off of work, lots of food and drink, spending time with family and friends – oh yeah and some time to get out and shoot.  Even though it was a short amount of time, it was photo-time non-the-less.  We shot our way from one holiday gather to another.  We didn’t have all day, but we were in familiar territory and only ventured off the beaten path a bit.

We envisioned a vague course East from the North metro toward Rice Lake, WI.  We deviated only slightly due to time constraints [you don’t want to be late for dinner].

It never fails, we usually stumble upon an abandon house or even two or more; this trip was no different.  Each find may not be superb one, but we always try to take a closer look anyway.  This one only contained a tattered hide-a-bed sofa.

The slide off of the work-site trailer house was a great find.  The pheasants were great as well.  I have put on many miles in recent times and haven’t seen near the numbers I did this day.

Happy belated holidays to all.  I hope they were as wonderful for you as they were for Cyndie and I (and the wieners).