Gettin’ Twiggy With It

While trimming back  some branches of the maple tree in the yard [to let more sunshine in for the tomato garden] an idea struck me.  Why not build an arbor of twigs?  It sounded easy enough and it actually was.  After the branches were relieved of their positions, we collected them together and trimmed off the leaves and smaller twigs.  Each of the branches thick end was placed at either side of the gate and wired to secure it.  I would image one could use metal fence posts too if wanted to make a free-standing arbor in the middle of a space.  With each branch put in place at the base of the fence gate, the thinner other ends were brought together in the middle from either side to form the arch.  I did incorporate a thicker chunk for the center, some thickness for the thinner twigs to weave around.  I used wire to secure all of this together.  The next afternoon I went in the wood behind the house and re-purposed some strangler vines  to wrap around the twig frame.  I didn’t need to wire these in.  Tuck one end in and wrap around and then find another spot to tuck the other end in.  Easy peasy.  The question now is leave it as is or plant a vine to wrap around the arbor.  Perhaps some lights.  Both?  I am sure we will figure something out.  Ideas are one thing we are never short on.

Here are some other idea for working with twigs via Pinterest.  A different style of arbor made of willow from Better Homes and Gardens.