Revisited – July 2013

July was an incredible photography month; perhaps the best on record yet.  I think this was the month both Cyndie and I have been waiting for.    Our back roadin’ activities picked up some, we took a MN North Shore trip and went to Chicago via train.  Back roadin’ is always good, no matter if you find anything to shoot or not, it is just plain relaxing.  The North Shore trip was fantastic given the less-than-ideal weather…or was it?  I think it is pretty difficult to had a bad time along Minnesota’s picturesque North Shore – no matter the season or weather.  If you missed the any of that series here is a recap:




Here are my B&W conversion picks from July 2013.  I hope you enjoy them.  Comments, critique or any other feedback is always welcome and appreciated.


Revisited – May/June 2013

Oops.  I completely forgot about reviewing my May 2013 photography.  I’ll just chalk it up to being a crazy Spring.  It has been a solid couple of good photography months.  In reviewing albums, 12/May & 13/June, I see we covered some ground.

The first part of may we still had snow (lots of it) and on Mother’s Day we saw flurries at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market.  The weather finally warmed up and we put lots of hour into yard work.

I can’t believe June is gone already.  Cyn and I had a great trip to SW Minnesota, we did a photo shoot for a special project, hit the St. Paul Farmer’s market again, did some back roadin’ and some more yard work.

Just like that…July is here and the year is half over.  Time sure flies.

Here are my B&W conversion picks from May/June 2013; I hope you enjoy them and comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Revisited – April 2013

April 2013 was an odd month weather-wise.  I am glad that old man winter has finally released us from his grasp.  The last bit of the wintry-like weather (in May!) was not pleasant at all.  Welcome Spring.  I look forward to milder weather and plenty of sunshine.

Here are a few of my favorite shots converted to black & white with a couple color photos mixed in.  There is quite a variety.  Roaming around Western MN, South Dakota and North Dakota, wildlife, Peyton (2 yrs old – share a birthday with Cyndie), one of the cutest 2 year olds there is and sites of St. Paul.

July 2012 Revisited

It just seems like it was the other day that I was asking where June went.  Poof, now July has gone by as well.  July was a busy and fun month with lots of shooting; almost shooting every other day.  Kayaking the Cannon, Mississippi and Kettle rivers provided some wonderful shooting time as did wandering around in the backyard garden.

Here are my favorite shots of the month converted to black & white, along with a couple that were previously published in black & white; now as color.

June 2012 Revisited

Wheeew…it’s that time already.  Where did June go?  It was a great month for photography; there was beautiful weather, unlike the current situation of 90-100 heat with 70+ dew points.

This crazy-hot weather has given me a bit of a reprieve from the seemingly never-ending backyard garden construction though 🙂  The light is brighter at the end of the tunnel still – Cyndie and I accomplished a lot this month and the to do list is getting smaller.  Pergola is almost complete, two pathways to do and a couple of stone retaining walls are all that remain.  Can’t wait.

Over half of these were not posted yet as they were part of different projects or I hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  Here is my June recap with black and white conversions.  I think the bull and the gas station are my favorites.