Revisited – November 2013

November was a big month, but we didn’t get a tremendous amount of shooting in.  The trip to Colorado for our wedding did yield some beautiful shots.

Photo picks from November for black & white conversions:

Happy Holiday everyone!


Revisited – October 2013

October was seemingly a busy photography month; most of it taking place on trip up the MN North Shore.  As I sit here writing this post, Mother Nature is unleashing what may very well be the first significant snowfall event of the season.  Ick.  I am not that excited about it at all.  I could have gone for two more months of fall.  It doesn’t look like it will stick for long as the forecast is for above-freezing temps the next few days.  Here we go – bring on the white stuff…the wet sloppy mess.

SnowSystem – WunderMap

It was a very short Autumn :-/  Here are my revisited shots from October 2013.

Revisited – July 2013

July was an incredible photography month; perhaps the best on record yet.  I think this was the month both Cyndie and I have been waiting for.    Our back roadin’ activities picked up some, we took a MN North Shore trip and went to Chicago via train.  Back roadin’ is always good, no matter if you find anything to shoot or not, it is just plain relaxing.  The North Shore trip was fantastic given the less-than-ideal weather…or was it?  I think it is pretty difficult to had a bad time along Minnesota’s picturesque North Shore – no matter the season or weather.  If you missed the any of that series here is a recap:




Here are my B&W conversion picks from July 2013.  I hope you enjoy them.  Comments, critique or any other feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

Revisited – May/June 2013

Oops.  I completely forgot about reviewing my May 2013 photography.  I’ll just chalk it up to being a crazy Spring.  It has been a solid couple of good photography months.  In reviewing albums, 12/May & 13/June, I see we covered some ground.

The first part of may we still had snow (lots of it) and on Mother’s Day we saw flurries at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market.  The weather finally warmed up and we put lots of hour into yard work.

I can’t believe June is gone already.  Cyn and I had a great trip to SW Minnesota, we did a photo shoot for a special project, hit the St. Paul Farmer’s market again, did some back roadin’ and some more yard work.

Just like that…July is here and the year is half over.  Time sure flies.

Here are my B&W conversion picks from May/June 2013; I hope you enjoy them and comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Revisited – March 2013

This month’s revisited will be short and sweet in narrative.  March was a great photography month filled with all sorts of subjects.  At the moment, though, Spring is knocking a bit harder on the door.  The forecast-ed full day rain did not come to fruition.  Instead, there are blue skies and some clouds and it is 50 degrees.  It is time to get out of the house and go for a walk, a drive – something.

Here are my favorite March 2013 shots converted into black & white.  Happy Saturday all.

Revisited – February 2013

Revisited – February 2013 hot out post processing.  Lots of shooting this last month – love it.  There was even an album I didn’t seem to get around to processing.  That hardly ever happens.

To review or not…

…there is no question in my mind.

Revisited – January 2013

Going back and reviewing what you have done for a period of time; in this case, month to month, can be a gratifying exercise.  I fully believe that you cannot chart a future course without continually studying and reviewing from where you have come.  Isn’t that the quest we are all on with some aspect of our lives…be it a hobby, our health  or some other aspiration?

Ever since I started this blog, each month I have gone back and reviewed my shots for the month.  I call it revisited  (category/tag).  I typically pull the photos I especially like the most and often do a black & white conversion (Silver Efex Pro) on those I think would be a prime candidate.  Other times I will apply a color treatment (Color Efex Pro), dabble with faux HDR/HDR or other treatments/techniques.  Sometimes it is a simple adjustment to the composition.  Cropping an image can present it in an almost entirely different way.

It is one part fun and one part self-critique.  If you do not attempt to acquire a deeper understanding of what you are seeing/photographing and how you are presenting it to the world, as your art, what is the point then?  Just going through the motions is not enough.  Without examination and review there is no growth or betterment or your craft.

Revisited – December 2012

December, the close-out of 2012, was another slower than normal photography month.  I had some favorite shots to covert to B&W and others to post in color non-the-less.  A short and sweet.

Revisited – November 2012

November was a very slow photography month.  It’s that time of year…already…again – holiday season and all that goes along with that. Busy Busy Busy.

Plenty to see and do though; no excuse really to not commit some imagery to pixels.

Revisited – October 2012

Another wonderful photography month.  Per usual, here are some of my favorites from the past month converted to black & white.