Hollow Rock – The Location: Resort & Sunrise

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Sunrise @ Hollow Rock | MN North Shore

Fall 2013 North Shore series
[Honeymoon Bluff – Gunflint Trail] [Sunrise @ Grand Marais] [Sunrise @ Hollow Rock] [North Shore Abstracts] [Grand Portage State Park]
[The In-Between, Day 1] [The In-Between, Day 2] [The In-Between, Day 3]



Sunrise @ Grand Marais, MN

This post has been moved to dantraun.com

Sunrise @ Grand Marais | MN North Shore

Fall 2013 North Shore series
[Honeymoon Bluff – Gunflint Trail] [Sunrise @ Grand Marais] [Sunrise @ Hollow Rock] [North Shore Abstracts] [Grand Portage State Park]
[The In-Between, Day 1] [The In-Between, Day 2] [The In-Between, Day 3]

2013: Week #39 Photography

Week 39 of 52.  It is hard to believe that there are only 13 more weeks until the new year.  Time flies when you are having fun.  This weeks line up of weekly shots is mostly urban as there isn’t much light to speak of anymore on my commute in.  I shot more so on my commute home, but I still try shots and experiment with different techniques in low light though; post processing can only do so much.

My somewhat off-beat fascination with irrigation systems has spread to alleyways and telephone poles; we’ll see where this goes.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

2013: Week #35 Photography

Dang – this last week was a hot and sticky one.  It wasn’t any fun being outside at all.  The week in winding down along with the temps and dew points and things are looking much better for the immediate future.  Hello long holiday weekend of nice weather.

This week’s mashup of photos feature my usual mixed bag of urban and rural along with some incredible fog that we usually see in August with these nasty temps and dew points.  The American Queen docked in Red Wing today; always some photo ops there.  And per usual, I spied some irrigation to photograph too.  Have a great long holiday weekend everyone!

The Big Purge

It has been a long time coming now.  Backing up to the cloud takes time even with plenty of bandwidth.  My recent back up revelations have led to incessant purging of files.  It is a very long process.  2011, not a complete year (Aug – Dec), has been reduced to approximately 1000 shots retained; I am sure that could even be reduced further if I really had to.  I will leave some for a likely future last round of digital cleansing.  I guess when I first started to dig into photography I kept everything.  For the most part I am glad that I did.  When I look back it is very clear to me what worked and what didn’t.  I know a few more tricks in salvaging an image that was less than perfectly exposed, but that isn’t the ultimate goal.  Shoot and learn; shoot more and learn even more.

I am hoping with further review of subsequent years to see a style emerging; your style isn’t so readily apparent to you – at least it isn’t to me.  I have spent the last few years experimenting with many different things photographically.  It is interesting to look back at what you have shot. Remembering why you shot something is my biggest challenge (thankfully the memories are still fresh).  These are a few photos from 2011 that caught my eye while sifting through the nearly 4000 shots.

Assorted Photos – 2013: Week #12

Another week gone by and even though we actually arrived at the first day of Spring , there doesn’t seem to be any Spring in sight.  Lots of snow and cold here in Minnesota yet.  Possible 40’s late in the coming week – woo hoo, but I won’t hold my breath; I see a chance of snow beyond that…is there no end?

I had the privilege of viewing a nice sunrise Friday morning.  There is just something about sunrise on Hwy 50.  I never tire of it.

Assorted Photos – 2013: Week #10

Another interesting week in photography and weather.  It is a crazy time of year; this transitional weather certainly affords a certain level of variety.  Huge dump of snow early in the week, hoar frost and fog mid-week and now rain at the tail-end of the week.  The rain will turn to snow,  ice, or both here shortly because that’s just the way it works around here this time of year.

Assorted Photos – 2013: Week #8

It was an eventful weather week.  It started out windy and cold and ended with lots of snow.  The wind really whipped down Lake Pepin on Tuesday; it was quite the sight.  The eagles were out in numbers fishing away in the wind.  There was a magnificent rainbow sherbet sunrise mid-week.  I spied a pile of discarded household crap on a country road.  What the hell are people thinking when they do that?  And to wrap it all up, Friday brought several inches of white-fluffy-commute-lengthening stuff.  Eventful week.

Assorted Photos – 2013: Week #7

Another installment of weekly shots.  Who knew Mallards were so carnivorous?  I certainly did not.

Spring Lake Sunrise

Another picture perfect Saturday morning on the Mississippi.

I scouted this area out on my way home from Work on Friday.  A short half mile walk from the parking lot down a well maintain trail – easy peasy.  I found a nice little point where we could set up and take in nature’s color.

Spring Lake Regional Park is located a few miles North and West of Hastings, MN.  There are two parts, an upper and a lower.  The upper part is Schaar’s Bluff; this is a great sunset location.  The lower part of the park was pretty great for sunrise.  Mother Nature cooperated once again and laid out some clouds just above the horizon.

The lower part of Spring Lake Regional Park has an archery trail.  If I were into bow hunting I’d think it was pretty swell.  Next to this archer trail is a half mile hiking trail down to the river where you’ll find a nice point that protrudes out into Spring Lake.

When we arrived this a.m. the gate was closed across the access road.  Bugger. I hadn’t considered that yesterday afternoon in the middle of the day.  We parked alongside the road, shouldered our gear and hoofed it to the trailhead.  It was a beautiful morning, mild weather, with only a few thousand mosquitoes.  They weren’t too vicious, but they were buzzing all around us.  After the fiery ball was well in the air we hiked back to the car.  There was something on the windshield.  A (Warning)/Citation outlining some sort of weird parking violation (no no parking signs anywhere in sight) and written on the other side was a phone number to call for access prior to 6 a.m. (no trail hours signs posted either).  I am supposed to automatically assume the park is closed if the gate is across the road?  I guess so.