I fought the…

…snow plow and it won.  OK.  It wasn’t me and there wasn’t exactly a fight.  A mistake I suppose.  I don’t know how many times I have heard “stay back, stay alive.”  It isn’t a joke.

These snowplow drivers have a difficult job which is only compounded by impatient people driving like absolute idiots because there is only an inch of snow.  No matter how much snow or what you have going on – stay away from the snow plow…you won’t win.  All you will accomplish is having a bad day and making things rough for all of those stuck in traffic.

On my way home from work today there was a bit of a mishap.  I was thankful it was in the opposing lane.  Traffic was backed up for miles.  I am not sure what three plows where doing together (wasn’t a lot of snow to clear) either.  It didn’t look major thankfully – except for the backup.








Northern Edition

“He’s got a real pretty snow fence ain’t he.”

test (1 of 1)


Sunset Star Puppies

Nope – not the latest pop band.  AKA Sun Dogs


The Big Purge

It has been a long time coming now.  Backing up to the cloud takes time even with plenty of bandwidth.  My recent back up revelations have led to incessant purging of files.  It is a very long process.  2011, not a complete year (Aug – Dec), has been reduced to approximately 1000 shots retained; I am sure that could even be reduced further if I really had to.  I will leave some for a likely future last round of digital cleansing.  I guess when I first started to dig into photography I kept everything.  For the most part I am glad that I did.  When I look back it is very clear to me what worked and what didn’t.  I know a few more tricks in salvaging an image that was less than perfectly exposed, but that isn’t the ultimate goal.  Shoot and learn; shoot more and learn even more.

I am hoping with further review of subsequent years to see a style emerging; your style isn’t so readily apparent to you – at least it isn’t to me.  I have spent the last few years experimenting with many different things photographically.  It is interesting to look back at what you have shot. Remembering why you shot something is my biggest challenge (thankfully the memories are still fresh).  These are a few photos from 2011 that caught my eye while sifting through the nearly 4000 shots.

Assorted Photos – 2013: Week #13

Patio River Delta
Patio River Delta

~~~~~~~~ it just keeps flowing ~~~~~~~~

Spring is finally on the doorstep.  It was a 50 degree-hurray-kind-of-day!

I have watched the snow continue to melt in the backyard and on the bluff for a little over a week.  I’ve played in the water almost every night this week; more so out of utility, but it still reminds me of being a kid and having fun playing in the mud and water of Spring time.

The water just keeps running.  Running down the hill – through the yard – over the patio – down the walking paths – down the drive way – and finally to the road.  This is a messy time of year, but a small thing to tolerate when you know what is on deck.

The deer seem to be enjoying the warmer weather as well.  Here are some shots of the town deer that live on and around the bluff behind the house.  The wander by around sunset most evenings.  Always a welcome sight.


16:9 is an aspect ration for more than television and computer monitors.  It is a nice and interesting departure from the likes of 4:3 and it has quickly become my go to crop ratio; both horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) orientations.  I’ve grown a new appreciation for 1:1 & 12:6 (2:1) lately as well.  Here is a great article on The Are of Using Aspect Ratios in Digital Photography.

We were leaving Red Wing yesterday morning on our way to shoot swans and were presented with an opportunity.  It was exactly sunrise as we crossed the Cannon River.  When you have nice color and clouds, there is no questions – stop and shoot it; so we did.  Here are my shots composed entirely in 16:9 both vertical and horizontal.  What I like most about the 16:9 vertical, with a wide-angle lens, is the sense of depth you can convey.  12:6 would deeper yet.  I will have to play around with that as well.

Release the hounds

Dachshunds that is.  The sun was nice and warm yesterday afternoon.  The girls had an opportunity to get out for a bit of a stroll when we decided to take a break from backroadin’ and stretch our legs a bit.