Comments – Spam

I understand still no comments crazy on my blog posted spam to me.  <– I tried to embrace the language; how did i do?  🙂  Check your spam comments – they are sometimes mildly entertaining.

Oh look…here in one now:

I in no way experienced to fret about what I ate. The clock in the vehicle kept ticking on. I experienced completely no troubles environment this equipment up or in receiving it to link to my community. Use as and when there is any washing to be finished and need to you run out of detergent, there is no need to operate to the grocery retail store!




License plates sometimes crack me up.  It is when the license plate and the situation together make a great statement that I fall over laughing.

You may be there, but that purse of yours may not be when you get back.  You had a great plan to hide in the back of vehicle, but unfortunately the plan was poorly executed.



Signs, signs…

Cans only you say eh?
Cans only you say eh?



Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs
F!@#in’ up the scenery, breakin’ my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?|


Apparently, no, people cannot read the signs.  Are people that dense or are they just too lazy?  I spotted this prime example of stupidity, laziness, etc. at a 2 day meeting for work.

It was only a matter of time…

Congratulation on a recent contribution to society truck-boobie-maker-people.  I am not sure how we survived without them.  << insert a “really” here >>

Misc 044

And way to expand your horizons truck-nutz-maker-people.  iPhone Nutz…how clever and oh so useful.

iPhone nuts

Conspiratorial wet dream? [fluoride added]

Please excuse my departure from my normal subject matter for what I would like to characterize as a “what the hell” moment.  Have you ever run across anything on that there Interweb that makes you wonder and say to yourself, “how can this be?”  I am no conspiracy theorist by any means, but when I see things like this I have to wonder.


Are people simply turning a blind eye to this?  How could so many not care?  Do people not understand?  We are largely the only country adding fluoride to our water – why is that?  If this is so toxic, why is it being marketed specifically for baby consumption?  That would be a very bad practice in my mind. [ADA study confirms dangers of fluoridated water, especially for babies]

If only there were some sort of government agency that could set my mind at ease and provide some clarity.  Oh…wait, here we go.  Here is the Minnesota Department of Health explaining to me how fluoridation is so beneficial; a naturally occurring element, safe and effective, etc. etc.  The video below suggests that we are disposing of toxic waste through our water supply.  What?  I thought Fluoride was good for your teeth.  I have never questioned this, nor have a I ever given this a second thought.

Well…which is it?!?!?  On the verge of being health food or a vitamin, or a toxic industrial hazardous waste?  How can it be both?  That doesn’t make any sense at all.  Regulatory agencies have washed their hands of Fluoride?

This video paints a very disturbing picture of fluoride.  What do you think of it?  Am I missing something here; if so, someone please explain it me.

The Great Culling:  Our Water | FLUORIDEALERT.ORG