Move over Bambi – Wieners on Ice

OK…it’s snow, but that would not have delivered as much “pow” on the title.  Found these two shots of girls while going through the newly completed master jpeg catalog.





Ugh – snow; it will be here before we know.  Am hopeful for a long Autumn season.


A walk about the yard

Sounds simple and easy enough…a walk about the yard.  Normally I would agree.

A week ago today I had a septoplasty and bilateral turbinate reduction procedure.  I had heard horror stories regarding the septopaslty procedure – packing and splint removal to be specific.  I viewed videos of this prior to my procedure.  I viewed many…some good; some a bit worse.  I was fortunate enough to not have packing or splints.  I’ll spare you those videos – go ahead and search them out if you wish.

I spent most of the week of recovery laying in bed propped up by pillows.  This was incredibly mundane, but necessary.  If I moved around too much my nose would bleed; not good for the healing process.  As the week progressed, I was able to move around more, but not nearly as much as I would have liked to.  The gorgeous weather made me want to be out and about even more – very mild; average 77 degrees.  I did lay there with the windows open with all of the lovely flowers in view.

I ventured out the day before last.  To be vertical and walk around upright was an absolute delight.  The mere act of doing so made me feverish and sweaty.  Lay around on you back for a few days doing absolutely nothing and sitting up makes you break a sweat.   Great.  It wasn’t like I was running around yard either.  It is amazing what a few days will take out of you.  Each day not getting up and moving about has gotten better.  Each day I walk around a bit longer.  I just returned for the doctor and all is well.  I do need to go back though in a couple of weeks.  The Dr. needs to pull the “crust” off both turbinates; then I’ll really be able to feel the difference.  Sounds lovely; any video requests?


Here are some shots from the yard over the past few days.

Chippy 2 – Audrey 0


I sit on the path in the sun charging my inner-chippy-hunter constantly on guard
I sit on the path in the sun charging my inner-chippy-hunter constantly on guard

The saga of Chippy & Audrey continued this a.m.  This time, Audrey was almost met with success as I assisted her in removing some limestone rock from a retaining wall.  Audrey was barking and biting the rock; she wanted the furry lil thing in a very bad way.

Can you see my tail?  How about my butt blur?
Can you see my tail? How about my butt blur?

Chippy flew out of a gap with crazy speed and darted into another retaining wall.  Fortunate for it.  Audrey was hot on its tail though.  Again, she was digging and biting at the rock.  She was become quite adept at traversing the many obstacles between her and her quarry.

At 12 years old, she is as spry and nimble as a pup, but still not as quick as Chippy.  A mere mention of a treat did not rattle her concentration; she was in the “chippy zone” hard this time.  There was an up close and personal visual this go round; one that will certainly not soon leave her mind.

4th of July Drive

DSC_4337It was a day like many others, except it was a holiday and no work – love those kind of days.  Nothing you have to do and no where you have to be.  You can never have enough we time.  I am very fond of we time with my lil grape crush, Cyn.  We very much enjoy our country drives.  Most often we simply wander until it is time to head back for home.  Most of the time we have no destination in mind – more so a general area.  Today was no different.  We took the back roads down toward the familiar Weaver bottoms and the Whitewater River.  It was a beautiful day, nice weather and great company.  The girls were with too.  They love a nice long car ride.

Here are some photos of our 4th of July drive.  More of the wonderful same country roads and scenery it affords.  Happy weekend all!

Chippy 1- Audrey 0

Poor Audrey has been chasing Chippy around the yard for days.  That little chipmunk is just too quick for her and its hiding spot too numerous.  The limestone retaining walls provides easy cover.   She tried and tried to get at chippy.  This dance plays itself out most days; multiple times a day.  She is vigilant.  A call for a treat eventually persuaded her to leave Chippy be.