Backyard Residents IV

Here is another series of photo’s from the backyard oasis.  It is a great time of year with many plants in bloom, bugs galore and even a wily wiener milling about in the blooms.


Backyard Residents III

More backyard shooting; it is certainly close and convenient.

You could set you watch to the local birds.  They are usually very prompt in their arrival pond/stream-side; typically 4:00 p.m. daily.  They love the waterfalls.  They are like birdie showers – they sit on a rock and let the water splashes all over them.  Some fluff up and fly off to one of the feeders for a bite to eat while other flap around in the dirt first before their dinner.  They are pretty comical to watch.  All the while the backyard attack wieners patrol the perimeter looking for naughty bunnies that might happen to infiltrate the yard.  Yes…we are easily entertained.

Backyard Residents II

Another busy weekend come and gone.  We had planned on taking the wieners for a paddle this a.m., but we woke up to rain.  That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day.  Very lazy day lounging around doing very little.  I did manage to work on a few photo’s from last Friday in between naps.

Backyard Residents

We haven’t spent much time working in the yard this last month.  It has been entirely too hot and kayaking always sounds more fun than yard work.  I took a few moments to capture the fruits of our labor though.  Here are a few shots of what is in bloom in the backyard garden at this very moment.  I do not know what half of them are called as I just dig holes, move dirt and build rock walls; Cyndie is the flower and plant lady.