2013: Week #16 Photography

It was a slower than normal photography week, but I am feeling much better about preserving our digital assets.  I did take one sunny afternoon out of this last week to get some shooting in.  We are still saddled with unseasonably cold weather and snow.  Not sure where Spring is.

I spent part of an early week sunny afternoon on the Smith Avenue bridge in St. Paul.  There is a wonderful view of the St. Paul skyline from that vantage point.  On the way home, that very same day, I came upon some raging snow melt runoff along a country highway.  Water is powerful stuff.  There are a couple of shots of the backyard critters mixed in as well, including the supreme ruler of the fenced in area and tree tops above, Mr. Nasty Red Squirrel.  That little turd torments everything in its immediate vicinity.  This was a rare moment of calm as everyone had their face full of food.


Junco Jam 2013

The backyard has been all a buzz with these little birdies for a few week now.  The last few days though have been crazy-busy with activity. No doubt due to this crap-tacular Spring weather we been having.

They are curious little buggers with a furious appetite.  They just keep eating and eating and eating.  The are plenty enjoyable to listed too. I am fairly certain that they have hopped around every inch of the yard – along with the squirrels and other critters that frequent our backyard sanctuary.  There are Junco tracks everywhere.

Assorted Photos – 2013: Week #13

Patio River Delta
Patio River Delta

~~~~~~~~ it just keeps flowing ~~~~~~~~

Spring is finally on the doorstep.  It was a 50 degree-hurray-kind-of-day!

I have watched the snow continue to melt in the backyard and on the bluff for a little over a week.  I’ve played in the water almost every night this week; more so out of utility, but it still reminds me of being a kid and having fun playing in the mud and water of Spring time.

The water just keeps running.  Running down the hill – through the yard – over the patio – down the walking paths – down the drive way – and finally to the road.  This is a messy time of year, but a small thing to tolerate when you know what is on deck.

The deer seem to be enjoying the warmer weather as well.  Here are some shots of the town deer that live on and around the bluff behind the house.  The wander by around sunset most evenings.  Always a welcome sight.