Revisited – February 2013

Revisited – February 2013 hot out post processing.  Lots of shooting this last month – love it.  There was even an album I didn’t seem to get around to processing.  That hardly ever happens.

Country Drive

After all of the rain, sleet, and snow last week Cyn and I drove a quick loop through a local favorite area right out side of town.

Hay Creek is not only a township in Goodhue County, but also a lovely spring-fed trout stream and a day-use recreation area just outside of Red Wing.  I used to fly fish it all the time until the mass blow down of trees along its banks several year back now.  It is extremely hard to walk along and fish in my favorite sections.  There are also countless horse, walking and bike trails through the recreation area (Hay Creek Day – Use Area).

It is a short drive from town to country and sites suitable for capture.  There are usually numerous opportunities to photograph wildlife.  I just missed a bald eagle shredding a trout on the stream bank.  We moved along the road and spent time with some horses.  We also happened upon a native of the area; an old co-worker of mine and his very photogenic sheepdog.

Sailors, piggies, and round bail walls – oh my!

A recent drive about yield a few interesting shots of a diverse and varied subject matter.  Sailors, piggies, round bail walls, eagles, photographer and one very nice coupla.  I haven’t encountered a coupla to-date that has glass panels.  The rest of the design is as common as others I have seen in the area.  There were lots of eagle watchers/photographers out along the river.  The area between Maple Springs and Reads Landing is always a hot spots.

Wind surfing over a frozen Lake Pepin will likely never be my cup of tea, but it was interesting to watch for a few moment…until the warm car called us back.

The furry piggies where just a bonus we encountered while on back roads.  We crested a hill and could see something in the distance; not big enough to be cattle or horses.  Little furry piggies they were.

The wall of round bails were masterfully position to block the shrill and chilling winds of winter.  It appeared to be quick the fortress of sorts; the only thing missing was a draw bridge.