2013: Week #30 Photography

Holy Cow!  What a week.  Super moon, big poofies and fuzzy dice hanging from a lamp at garage sale – how is that for random?

Mostly all good things this week with the exception of Wednesday morning – early – 6 a.m.   I was headed down the main drag of town on my way to St. Peter for a work thing and all I saw was light.  That is never a good sign.  I learned later it was a scooter vs. car accident; the person on the scooter didn’t make it.  I never really found out the specifics; it doesn’t matter, it is sad no matter how you look at it.  This is just another reminder to slow down (myself for sure included) and quit being in such a damn hurry because very bad things can happen in a blink of an eye.  And on that note I will leave you all with my photos of the week.  Have a great weekend everyone.


4th of July Drive

DSC_4337It was a day like many others, except it was a holiday and no work – love those kind of days.  Nothing you have to do and no where you have to be.  You can never have enough we time.  I am very fond of we time with my lil grape crush, Cyn.  We very much enjoy our country drives.  Most often we simply wander until it is time to head back for home.  Most of the time we have no destination in mind – more so a general area.  Today was no different.  We took the back roads down toward the familiar Weaver bottoms and the Whitewater River.  It was a beautiful day, nice weather and great company.  The girls were with too.  They love a nice long car ride.

Here are some photos of our 4th of July drive.  More of the wonderful same country roads and scenery it affords.  Happy weekend all!

2013: Week #24 Photography

Finally some palatable weather.  I never tire of the blue skies and puffy clouds.

Nicer weather means getting back into the yard and finishing some things up…or getting them closer to completion.  A freshly installed spigot on the front side of the house will open up new opportunities in the front yard no doubt.  The backyard is getting closer to completion as well.  Cyndie has all the photos of or work wrangled together.  It has been quite the transformation.  I look forward to seeing them altogether in the near future.  In the meantime, here are my shots from this last week.   All are from my weekday commutes as I have been very busy in the yard; in fact, I am headed out to do some more work in the yard.  Enjoy the beautiful day everyone!

To review or not…

…there is no question in my mind.

Revisited – January 2013

Going back and reviewing what you have done for a period of time; in this case, month to month, can be a gratifying exercise.  I fully believe that you cannot chart a future course without continually studying and reviewing from where you have come.  Isn’t that the quest we are all on with some aspect of our lives…be it a hobby, our health  or some other aspiration?

Ever since I started this blog, each month I have gone back and reviewed my shots for the month.  I call it revisited  (category/tag).  I typically pull the photos I especially like the most and often do a black & white conversion (Silver Efex Pro) on those I think would be a prime candidate.  Other times I will apply a color treatment (Color Efex Pro), dabble with faux HDR/HDR or other treatments/techniques.  Sometimes it is a simple adjustment to the composition.  Cropping an image can present it in an almost entirely different way.

It is one part fun and one part self-critique.  If you do not attempt to acquire a deeper understanding of what you are seeing/photographing and how you are presenting it to the world, as your art, what is the point then?  Just going through the motions is not enough.  Without examination and review there is no growth or betterment or your craft.