2013: Week #26 Photography

Bye bye Spring; Hello Summer.  Week #26, the halfway point of 2013.  The days are already getting shorter…I want Spring back for a while.  The hot and humid weather has sent in and with it so has the 50% chance of thunderstorms any day of the week.  Do get me wrong – I like a good thunderstorm – I could just do without the humidity.  Come they did Friday before last and again on Sunday.  These two storms cause tremendous damage (Coming Together for the First Days of Summer).  With the heat and humidity also come foggy and often hazy mornings.  I very much enjoy that on my commute into the city.  I pass through the rolling hills that hold family farms and the fields of crops.

On Wednesday afternoon another storm rolled across Minnesota.  I was on my way home from work and had the privilege of not only capturing it, but driving through it as well.  It was a gusher.  The ground is so saturated already.  The concrete and asphalt jungles experienced some flash flooding.  The deluge lasted quite awhile as I caught up to the storm in the town where I live.

Mother Nature’s beauty is incredible and sometimes she is full-on ugly, but not this time.  No down trees or hail to speak of.  Here are the photos of my week.  Happy Saturday everyone.  Time to get something done and then go play.


Dad’s Day Drive

Happy belated Father’s Day to all the dads out there.  In our house it is referred to as Paw Paw’s Day.  No human children around here, just the furry four-legged kind, our wieners.   We decided to take a break from yard work and take a much deserved leisurely drive through the countryside.  Our travels took us from Red Wing over into Wisconsin to Elmwood, Spring Valley, Woodville and Baldwin.   We had lovely weather with bright blue skies and my favorite big poofies were aloft; floating through the sky.

I am not sure what is so fascinating about a cow, but almost every time we see some we stop and chat with them.  A big ‘ol MooOOOOoo always gets their attention and 9 time out of 10 they will come closer to the roadside.  The wieners like to check them out as well as take in all the interesting smells of the country.

We didn’t run into any abandoned properties this round.  We did  see the wonderful rolling hills, green grasses, farm fields, spring streams,  barns, wildlife and we even stumbled upon an Amish community that I didn’t know was there and this close.

It was a great Paw Paw Day.  Back roadin’ with Cyndie and the girls is my all-time favorite pastime.  Life is great.

2013: Week #21Photography

Week 21; only a few weeks away from the mid-point of 2013.  Although Spring has sprung, the weather has suffered a sprain.  The plus side is that we did receive some much-needed rain.  Quite a variety this week…from sun rays to Amish fishing, with old cars, a trailer park and a round barn in between.  I ran into the Amish returning from a work trip in Detroit Lakes.  The couple I saw were enjoying some fishing on Sauk Lake just outside of Sauk Center, MN.  I didn’t know there were any Amish settled that far up North in Minnesota.

I’d say I was looking forward to the weekend, but it is Memorial Weekend.   Where we live that usually means a wash-out-rain-storm kind of weekend.  We’ll see – it’s only a 30-50% chance of thunderstorms for the next 5 days 🙂  Enjoy the long weekend everyone.