2013: Week #36 Photography

Another week has come and gone.  It was a nice short one with the Holiday on the front end.

Here are some shots from my commute as well as the back yard.  Trying to drink in every second of the nice weather.  Fall is right around the corner and then that extra crappy-cold season will follow.


Happy Labor Day

And here we are – Labor Day, September 2nd, 2013.  Twenty days from the official start of Autumn/Fall.  This is my absolute favorite time of year.  Bring on the cooler weather, shorter days (so sunrise isn’t so dang early) and Fall color.  I am afraid this year the color is going to be nil if at all.  We have not had sufficient rain in what seems like forever; leaves are already dried up and falling from some trees 😦

The flowers and tomatoes in the backyard as lush as ever having been watered almost every day.  I think we may have only foregone water a handful of days this season.  It has been terrible.

Have a great holiday everyone!

A walk about the yard

Sounds simple and easy enough…a walk about the yard.  Normally I would agree.

A week ago today I had a septoplasty and bilateral turbinate reduction procedure.  I had heard horror stories regarding the septopaslty procedure – packing and splint removal to be specific.  I viewed videos of this prior to my procedure.  I viewed many…some good; some a bit worse.  I was fortunate enough to not have packing or splints.  I’ll spare you those videos – go ahead and search them out if you wish.

I spent most of the week of recovery laying in bed propped up by pillows.  This was incredibly mundane, but necessary.  If I moved around too much my nose would bleed; not good for the healing process.  As the week progressed, I was able to move around more, but not nearly as much as I would have liked to.  The gorgeous weather made me want to be out and about even more – very mild; average 77 degrees.  I did lay there with the windows open with all of the lovely flowers in view.

I ventured out the day before last.  To be vertical and walk around upright was an absolute delight.  The mere act of doing so made me feverish and sweaty.  Lay around on you back for a few days doing absolutely nothing and sitting up makes you break a sweat.   Great.  It wasn’t like I was running around yard either.  It is amazing what a few days will take out of you.  Each day not getting up and moving about has gotten better.  Each day I walk around a bit longer.  I just returned for the doctor and all is well.  I do need to go back though in a couple of weeks.  The Dr. needs to pull the “crust” off both turbinates; then I’ll really be able to feel the difference.  Sounds lovely; any video requests?


Here are some shots from the yard over the past few days.

2013: Week #29 Photography

If returning from a great trip away wasn’t enough to acclimate to, the heat and humidity of this last week was especially trying.  I am eternally grateful for air conditioning.  I was excited to return home to our cherry tomatoes ripening and other flowers in bloom.  What a difference a week can make. Here is the latest installment of some things urban and others country, garden vegetables to city streets and inhabitants thereof.    Have a great weekend everyone!

Creating a Backyard Oasis

Backyard view from deck
Backyard view from deck

Cyndie and I are on our second season of creation and construction of the backyard oasis.  This project has been extensive – lots of dirt and rock moved; all by hand.  No single master plan existed when we started.  There were many small plans that have come together on paper, in our minds and dreams.  Much work was completed last year and even more continues this year.  It is a labor of love creating a peaceful backyard oasis where you can relax over your lunch break, kick back after a long day at work or spend the better park of a Saturday lounging around listening to the stream, smelling the blooms and watching the wildlife.

As I post this and am looking at the pano-view above I see so many changes that happened yesterday immediately following the picture.  It is amazing what can be accomplished in a single day.  You cannot fully appreciate all that has transpired without seeing the before (coming soon), but I’ll take you around the space with a quick photo-tour.

Leaving the backdoor into the yard from the deck [completed last year]:


Up the path towards the pond patio [completed last year]:


The pond, stream and four waterfalls [completed last year]:


Right side flower garden [completed last year]:


Wiener Run (stairway to Wiener Trail) [completed last year]:


Wiener Trail [completed last year]:


Upper vegetable garden (carrots, spinach, dill, beans, cantaloupe, watermelon, dumpling squash, strawberries and blueberries  [new this year]:


Hammock patio [new this year]:


View from Hammock patio [main patio and pergola completed last year]:


Left side flower garden [partially completed last year] and “the pit” (foreground).  The pit has functioned as our plant staging place, bin and potting container collection site and home of “chippy” which Audrey is hunting currently.  Still formulating a plan in my mind for the pit area:


Backyard entrance – flower pallet  [new this year]:


Lower vegetable garden [completed last year]:


Side herb garden [new this year]:


*All rock for walls were picked by hand and hauled by car and set to rest manually in the yard.  Good times 🙂

2013: Week #22 Photography

Short work-week due to the Memorial Day holiday – hooray!  I love short weeks.  I would have loved it more if the weather was decent, but that is the way this holiday usually goes around here – rain, rain, rain; then some more rain.

Another active and varied photo week.  From Blondie (the squirrel) munching in the backyard to the picturesque skyline of St. Paul and other points in between.  Friday brought some huge puffy clouds and stormy weather.  I watched it follow me home the whole way in my side mirror.

We are getting ready to head out on a little weekend adventure in Southwestern Minnesota.  Can’t wait to see what we find.  Have a great weekend all.