2013: Week #35 Photography

Dang – this last week was a hot and sticky one.  It wasn’t any fun being outside at all.  The week in winding down along with the temps and dew points and things are looking much better for the immediate future.  Hello long holiday weekend of nice weather.

This week’s mashup of photos feature my usual mixed bag of urban and rural along with some incredible fog that we usually see in August with these nasty temps and dew points.  The American Queen docked in Red Wing today; always some photo ops there.  And per usual, I spied some irrigation to photograph too.  Have a great long holiday weekend everyone!


Minnesota North Shore – The In-Between, Day 3

Day3Ahhhh beautiful Grand Marais, MN.  This (and points North) is my favorite area of the North Shore.  We got off the beaten path and explored a few forest roads on our way to Judge CR Magney State Park.  The wild flowers were incredible as were the butterflies.  One of the forest road dead-ended out in the middle of nowhere.  That wasn’t terribly convenient and it forced us to backtrack back to where we started.   .It could have been worse; we could be at work 🙂  We had the windows down driving along the forest road just fast enough to stay ahead of the mosquitoes and then…Cyndie was viciously attached by a dragon-fly.  Yep, from out of nowhere a dragon-fly came in the window and landed between the seat and the door.  Cyndie about jumped out of her seat.  The danger was quickly ejected from the vehicle and we continued on our way.

We spent a fair amount of time at Judge CR Magney State Park and generally took it a bit easier than we had in the last two days.  We did set a pretty aggressive pace initially and we were both starting to slow down some.  We arrived in Grand Portage in the early afternoon.  The lodging available is somewhat limited in these parts.  There are plenty of places to stay, but if it is a cabin, you’ll have to stay a minimum of two nights.  We had hoped to stay at Hollow Rock Resort so we could just wake up at sunrise and walk out right onto the shore for sunrise, but the two-day stay stamped that plan out.  The Grand Portage Lodge & Casino is a suitable solution to your one night stay needs.  Hollow Rock Resort is part of the casino and there wasn’t an issue gaining access to do a sunrise shoot there.

We checked in and then explored the surrounding area some as a late afternoon thunderstorm rolled on through.  An early dinner at the Casino and some much-needed shuteye seem like the perfect end of another full day of traveling the North Shore.

Here are my shots of the Minnesota North Shore – The in between, Day 3

Minnesota North Shore – The In-Between, Day 2

Day2The second day started much like how the first ended – heavy think fog blanketing our surroundings.  The fog certainly added an extra element to the photos though.  After a bit of breakfast at the lodge we made our way out to the fish house and then out to the point.  The hike was great – especially in the fog.

After leaving Cove Point Lodge we went back South to visit Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.  It was too late the previous afternoon to Split Rock Lighthouse.  We spent a great foggy morning there before heading back North and stopping at Palisade Head.  There essentially was no view at Palisade Head, other than a ship heading for shore in some very dense fog.  Tettegouche State Park was the next stop.  We ended up skipping Gerorge Crosby Manitou State Park.  The entrance isn’t right off of Hwy 61 and we just plain missed the turn.  We continued on our way and visited Temperance River State Park as well as Cascade River State Park before arriving in Grand Marais.  We secured a room for the night at The Shoreline Inn and made our way to My Sister’s Place for a much anticipated evening meal.  Traveling & photography are hungry business.

Here are my shots of the Minnesota North Shore – The in between, Day 2

Foggy Fall Morning

A lovely Fall morning indeed.  I love waking up any morning and seeing fog.  I am especially fond of the moody and atmospheric feel that fog can bring to a scene.

Cyndie and I went for a drive this morning to take in all the misty wonderful.  We stumbled upon a wonderful driveway lined with trees on either side; they held some beautiful color even in the fog.

Spooky tree was a great scene as well.  I wish we had made it there a bit sooner though.  We know exactly where it is as now and will be able to go directly to it on the next fog day.

The fog held in there until just before noon and gave us plenty of opportunities.  It was time to head back to Red Wing and hit the farmer’s market.  The Grateful Bread was calling.  A few delicious yum yums every Saturday for multiple weeks in a row now; it’s officially a habit.

Foggy Rainy Day

It was a misty and foggy day in Red Wing.  A perfect day to not rush anything; just sip coffee, mill around town a bit and enjoy the morning.  No Saturday a.m. is complete without stopping by the local farmer’s market.  There are still plenty of fresh vegetables there, but a loaf of tasty something-or-other was in order from The Grateful Bread.

The Fall Festival of Art is this weekend (Sat & Sun) and Red Wing was buzzing right away this a.m. with artist setting up their booths and displaying their wares.  The on and off sprinkles did not make for optimal browsing weather – tomorrow should be nicer.

Red Wing Shoe Company is having their 1st annual tent sale.  Awesome deals to be had there.  I added two pair of boots to my collection, but no luck on cold weather boots for Cyndie 😦  Fall is in full-gear and Winter will be here soon :-/


After we departed the tent sale we witnessed a boat tangling with some power lines while being transported through town.   Traffic was hosed up for a while – it was already slow due to the art festival.  When the boat hit the wires, they popped from the poles and building along a two block stretch.  That didn’t look like any fun.

Much to do.  Falling behind on photo processing.  Two shoots from last weekend to do yet.  Busy busy busy as usual.  Since we were already out and about we decided to shoot some more.  The foggy, misty day served up a variety of opportunities.  Life is good.  Happy weekend.

PSB – Photographers in the Mist

The sunrise looking out over the Weaver bottoms was absolutely beautiful.  This wasn’t my first choice of locations for the shoot, but rather an afterthought – a quickly formulated audible to the morning playbook after looking out over the original destination 3 miles up the road on Cty Rd 26.

We started our day extra-double-super-duper early (that’s a titch before 4 a.m.).  We readied ourselves and packed our gear whilst guzzling our morning brew.  After meeting up with a fellow RWPC photography, Jeff Marcus, at 4:45 a.m. our course was set for Weaver, MN.  We arrived at the overlook on Cty Rd 26 – just a bit West of the river and Hwy 61 – plenty early.  The first morning’s light was arriving and the view of the fog in the valley was epic.  The angle just wasn’t optimal for sunrise and the fog would likely be more of a hindrance as this level.  We all agreed that this would be the place for some hopefully fantastic post-sunrise shots.  We were correct.  It was PSB, a.k.a Post Sunrise Bliss!

This area is one of my favorites in Southeast Minnesota.  The Whitewater river valley is very picturesque.   Hwy 74 from Weaver to Elba parallels the Whitewater River the whole distance.  The scenery is fantastic and the opportunities to see wildlife are almost guaranteed.   How much wildlife you see depends greatly on the amount of vehicle traffic.  This morning was busy for some reason or other, but we saw a good bit.  The Sandhill’s are in the area now and the waterfowl will be moving into this sanctuary very soon.

A great sunrise and epic fog; the day was just beginning!  After making our way to Elba and a quick pit stop at the local convenience store, we were on our way to Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park.  A few other RWPC photographers were taking part in the photography cave tour this same morning.