What I like about Summer

I know I have mentioned this more than a few times – I love the Spring and Fall seasons.  Summer is o.k. depending on the temperature and dew points as I am not all that heat-friendly.  One super-duper bonus plus plus thing about summer is fresh vegetables.  Another is semi-homemade pizzas.  You know…the ready-made pizza crusts from the store; you pile on all your favorite topping over a tasty sauce and smother it with cheese.  That is some very fine super good stuff right there.  The only downside is turning on the oven.  I have not ventured out and made a pizza on the grill yet, but that is next.  Or a pizza oven would get the job done too – and you could take that outside on the deck/patio easily enough.

I like a really thin crust even though I am a super-fan of all things carbs.  Thin crust allows you fill up more on toppings and cooks faster in my humble pizza making opinion.  Golden Home Bakery Products (by Quaker Bakery Brands, Inc.) from Appleton, WI makes a mighty fine thin pizza crust.  I have not tried the 100% whole grain, only because the grocery stores in Red Wing do not carry it.  The regular is great.

The pizza you see here below was my masterpiece from last night.

Sauce:  mango red pepper salsa – pureed.  I mixed in a small amount of tomato sauce with it as well.
Toppings:  chicken, black beans, minced garlic, cilantro*, basil*, cherry tomatoes* and mozzarella cheese.

*fresh from the garden


2013: Week #29 Photography

If returning from a great trip away wasn’t enough to acclimate to, the heat and humidity of this last week was especially trying.  I am eternally grateful for air conditioning.  I was excited to return home to our cherry tomatoes ripening and other flowers in bloom.  What a difference a week can make. Here is the latest installment of some things urban and others country, garden vegetables to city streets and inhabitants thereof.    Have a great weekend everyone!

A Bountiful Harvest

A recent beautiful Saturday allowed for a trip to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market – always a treat and never disappoints.  The last time Cyndie & I were there not much resembling fresh vegetables as it was too early in the year.  That has all changed now and the fruits of many labors are presented fresh for the purchasing.  The plants are still here – vegetable, herbs and flowers (fresh-cut, hanging baskets and potted) galore, but the fresh vegetables were amazing.  If I had my way, I would shop here every Saturday.  There is nothing like produce this fresh and affordable; all brought to you by local organic efforts.  It doesn’t get any fresher or taste any better unless you do it yourself.