Assorted Photos – 2013: Week #12

Another week gone by and even though we actually arrived at the first day of Spring , there doesn’t seem to be any Spring in sight.  Lots of snow and cold here in Minnesota yet.  Possible 40’s late in the coming week – woo hoo, but I won’t hold my breath; I see a chance of snow beyond that…is there no end?

I had the privilege of viewing a nice sunrise Friday morning.  There is just something about sunrise on Hwy 50.  I never tire of it.


A familiar place – different season

The lovely hay and corn covered rolling hills I admired all Summer and Fall are all covered with snow and ice :-/

On another note, the snow and ice does provide for a very dramatic and contrasted scene which I very much enjoy.  Seasons change – change more than the scenery; sometime it changes your approach in how you compose and process your photographs.

To Commute or not to Commute…

…I guess it really isn’t a question.  I’ve been doing so for 8+ years now.  Approximately 50 miles each way; 100 miles a day.

Monday – Friday, Red Wing to St. Paul, more specially, Energy Park Drive.  It’s just a hop, skip and maybe a jump or three from the State Fair grounds on Snelling Avenue.  This season [State Fair time] is particularly unpleasant.  The fair traffic coupled with another Minnesota season, road construction, conjures up some ugly traffic.  I won’t even begin to mention the light rail project running down University Avenue that is right in my path.  I am somewhat fortunate though; I need only negotiate the barricades and cones as the workers haven’t even begun at the time I roll through that construction zone.

I do not have any desire to live anywhere close to or in any concrete jungle.  The only mild appeal would be my interest in street photography.  This has been on my list of things to do for some time now, but I rarely have an opportunity to do much…or I should say make the time.  Living in Red Wing, MN doesn’t afford the same opportunities that say, downtown St. Paul or Minneapolis would.

I do very much enjoy living in Red Wing, MN.  Situated along the northern edge of the Driftless Area, this section of Minnesota has several river and stream valleys between towering bluffs and rolling hills flanked by endless acres of fertile farmland.  It’s close proximity to Wisconsin is another plus.  For those of you that visit my blog regularly, you know I spend plenty of time there.  It is hard to image living in any city of substantial size when this is all I have ever experienced and enjoyed.  The two hours out of my day I spend commuting (fair weather time anyhow; winter can be a very different story) is worthy trade.  I use this time to reflect on what has been as well as what is to come.

If I lived in St. Paul where I work, I would miss out on the many splendors of nature that are so vividly stretched out before me along my route.  I have come to really enjoy a particular segment of my commute – Hwy 50.  I travel the section just West of Meisville through New Trier to Hampton where I get on Hwy 52 for the last leg of my daily course .  The rolling hills, valleys and farmland along this stretch are very picturesque.  The sunrises and sunsets are often colorful; every once in a while I am treated to a pretty spectacular one.  I had strayed away from bringing my camera with me everyday.  I’ve missed capturing some pretty spectacular scenes as they unfolded in the wee-early morning light.  As of a month ago I changed that.  I rarely leave home without a camera now.  I pack my older and lighter D60 with me most everywhere I go now.

This morning I was met with a detour in my path along Hwy 50 – nothing unexpected; the sign along side the road has told me so for a week now.  I’ve explored many of these country roads on my way home from work looking for old barns, distressed building and anything else interesting.  This morning’s detour was a good one.  I rolled on by a farm next to a pond and caught a glimpse in my rear view mirror; it was pretty spectacular.

Most of these images where capture right along Hwy 50, with the exception of this morning (1-6 & two pans P-18othStE & P-Co Rd 62).