iPhoneography p3 – Macro

The following images were captured at the dining room table yesterday evening.


This set was taken at home with the iPro Lens System; utilizing the macro lens.  I am pretty impressed with its ability to get in there close and capture such detail.  I maintain that these lenses can create some pretty incredible images with an iPhone.

Notice the lint in between the paperclip and the paper?  The tip of the knife blade has some interesting detail.  More lint on my ring – in a few different locations.  I was even more impressed with the quarter.  These images have been even sharper had I utilized a tripod.

The fish eye lens has arrived and I have been having fun with it…more on that later.


iPhoneography p2 – Super Wide Angle

The following images were captured during a trip to Estes Park, CO this past November.

0IP-SPWA-S2This set was taken at The Stanley Hotel with the iPro Lens System; utilizing the .45x Super Wide Lens (14mm in 35mm equivalency).  This lens was fun to use.  The obvious distortion was interesting and fun. It is my favorite thus far.  I an eagerly awaiting the arrival of the fish eye lens 🙂

Here are few more shots away from the hotel.

iPhoneography p1

iPhoneography is no doubt not a new term to most of you.  I  am just now getting around to really exploring it.  For those that still may linger in the dark and are unfamiliar, it is the combination of “iPhone” and “Photography.”  Super clever eh. ||more on that||

I didn’t abandon my bulky DSLR for those new-fangled, fancy-dancy point and shoots; I am certainly not going to give it up for a picture-taking-phone-thingy either.  There is no denying the convenience and even the quality of todays camera phones. These smart devices have already impacted the camera market and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  As I mentioned in a previous post, The Future of Photography, people are buying point and shoot cameras less and simply relying on their smartphones for their photography needs.  There are fun things you can use in conjunction with smartphones that make the experience perhaps somewhat more desirable.

Untitled-2I recently had the pleasure of receiving an iPro 5S Trio Kit Series 2 from Schneider Optics (retail $229.00).  I was instantly impressed and wowed.  This system is a hardware add-on that allows you to screw on lenses; it’s magnificent.  |

The Trio Kit has everything you need to immediately enhance the quality of your iPhone 5S photos. In the kit you’ll find theUntitled-3 cleverly designed case, molded to firmly but comfortably fit your iPhone 5S. The iPro handle can attach to either side of the case and serves as both a tripod mount and a case for your lenses. The Tele, Super Wide, and Macro lenses bayonet easily onto the case providing options to add width, depth, and details to all your shots.

These little lenses deliver some impressive results.  The build quality looks and feels substantial.  I have no complaints.


IPRO .45x Super Wide Lens S2 Specs (35mm Equivalency):

Still Mode Video Mode
iPhone Native Lens 30 mm 42 mm
with iPro Super Wide 14 mm 19 mm


IPRO 2x Tele Lens S2 Specs (35mm Equivalency):

Still Mode Video Mode
iPhone Native Lens 30 mm 42 mm
with 2x Tele Lens 60 mm 80 mm

0IP-MACR-S2IPRO Macro Lens S2
With 2.5X magnification the new Macro lens provides razor-sharp details enhancing emotion in your portraits and giving your very small subjects a very big presence.  From flowers, stamps, coins, and jewelry, to that weird bug you found in the bathtub, this Macro Lens has you covered.

There are two other lenses currently available:  wide-angle and fisheye – full list here.

I brought the iPro lens system with me on a recent trip to Colorado.  It travels well with its very compact size.  The handle/tripod holds the lenses well while not in use.  All I have mentioned thus far are what I receive to be pluses.  To be fair, this system isn’t perfect, but close.  My iPhone is in an Otterbox.  To use this system I have to dig it out of the case and switch it up with the system-specific case.  There isn’t really any other way to screw a lens on without having the special case.  I am not sure this is a con.  The case is sturdy, but does lack full frontal phone protection.  If Schneider Optics would have partnered up with Otterbox on this venture, it would be absolutely perfect.  Schneider Optics really did their homework on this and produced a real quality product that is very easy to use and well made.  The iPro Lens System is currently available for iPhone 4/5, Galaxy S4 & iPad Mini.

What do these lenses look like in action?  I will post photography examples in an upcoming post:  iPhoneography p2.  I really look forward to seeing what I can accomplish with this system while working with the limitations of camera phones.