Just another Sunday drive

Do you ever remember hearing when you were growing up, “!@#$ Sunday drivers.”  I believe I heard that a couple thousand times as a child, and I may have uttered the phrase  myself in my younger years.  I am one now…a Sunday driver.  There is nothing more relaxing than putz’in around the back roads in the country.


We had originally set out to grab some pizza at The Stone Barn in Nelson, WI.  Upon arrival, we found it closed as it wasn’t even close to 5 p.m.  Hint:  read all of the information on the website; specifically the days of the week and time of day the establishment is open.

No worries, Nelson wasn’t too far away.  We stopped at J&J BBQ.  I am no stranger to BBQ and I know my way around a grill, meat rubs, smoking, etc.  Wow, that was some good BBQ.  I will definitely stop there again.

After our late lunch we made our way back to the countryside on top of the river bluffs and slowly made our way back toward home.  We were fortunate enough to take in some lovely scenery on a picture-perfect kind of day.


Lightroom – Library Module

AdobeLR5Lightroom – oh how I love thee.  I can say with absolute certainty that I took a crucial step In the right direction when I decided to use Adobe Lightroom.  This software is amazing.  I will readily admit that I am finally beginning to scratch below the surface after two years of use.  The more I use, the more I learn and the more I benefit.  I am absolutely smitten.

I just finished – yes, only a few minutes ago, adding keywords to 4001 images (2012 and 2013 to date) in a master jpeg catalog. This change up in my workflow (previous outlined in workflow part 1 & part 2) has taken considerable time, but it has been worth every hour.  The Library module of Lightroom is amazing.  Meta data, keywords, oh my – love it.  Smart Collections are my best friend.  I can now see at-a-glance how many photos I have on specific subject matter.  The Library module has easily and quickly allowed me to create Smart Collection for some of my favorite subject matter:  barns, couplas, abandoned, state parks – you name it.  Figuring out and establishing your set of keywords may take some time, but do it; do it now.  This process will only take longer the more you put it off.  I wish I would have had my act together right away – it would have saved lots of times.  Some lessons are ok to learn the hard way.


I can very easily see what photos I have tagged as barn.  I know which photos were taken in Wisconsin.  I also know which were capture in the Spring.  I have 54 shots that = barn, WI, Spring.  Why is the season important?  It isn’t at the moment, but may be down the road at some point.  It is easy enough to add the keyword, so I figured I would.  If I would have had my act together sooner, I may have added county name as a keyword.  I could see that being useful in putting together different collections.  These are the things you need to consider when you establish your keywords and how you will apply them.

I can also very easily share my collection of irrigation photos via my library smart collection.  From all season even – Impressive eh :-).  Smart Collection can do that.  $150 is a small price to pay to keep your photography act together.

2013: Week #35 Photography

Dang – this last week was a hot and sticky one.  It wasn’t any fun being outside at all.  The week in winding down along with the temps and dew points and things are looking much better for the immediate future.  Hello long holiday weekend of nice weather.

This week’s mashup of photos feature my usual mixed bag of urban and rural along with some incredible fog that we usually see in August with these nasty temps and dew points.  The American Queen docked in Red Wing today; always some photo ops there.  And per usual, I spied some irrigation to photograph too.  Have a great long holiday weekend everyone!