2013: Week #34 Photography

It was a long short week for me having been in and out of the office a couple of different days and then playing catch up.   I have been enjoying the sun rises and sets in August, but have not photographed them nearly enough.  I finally took some time and barely caught a gorgeous sunset.  The Queen of the Mississippi was in town docked at Levee Park this week too.  I always try to grab a couple of shots when these river boats pass through.

I’d say have a great weekend, but is Sunday and the weekend is almost over and another week will quickly be upon us.  It is going to be a steamy one around here – 90’s and humid the whole week; just in time for the Minnesota State Fair.  Stay cool and have a great week everyone.


The American Queen

American Queen

There was another reason for going to the farmer’s market the other weekend.  The American Queen is said to be the largest river steamboat ever built and it was docked at Levee Park.  It is always fun to see these riverboats come to town.  These boats usually draw a pretty good crowd.  That can make it a bit challenging to shoot with people everywhere.  They are grand floating structures to say the least.  I have only had the pleasure of being one of  these paddle boats once – The Mississippi Queen; that was back in the last 1990’s.

Cyndie & Linnae on the RipRap

Cyndie and I shot the queen from Levee Park, across the river, from the Eisenhower Bridge and also just down stream [and wind] of the waste water treatment plant.  That is where the last seven shots where from as it backed its way under the bridge and then swung around to head downstream.  The smoke stacks where still down at this point and only one was completely up as it passed by Colvill Park*.

We should have just called it a day from there, but we didn’t.  I really wanted a photo of the American Queen on the river and away from the levee with both smoke stacks up.  Not sure why, I just did.  We headed down river to a favorite location in Old Frontenac to wait for her to paddle by.

My Double Knee

Old Frontenac has a nice public boat landing to park at and you can walk along the beach for a pretty good stretch.  This stretch of beach leads out to a point; that’s where we were going to wait.  At this point, there is a pretty good size rock pile.  Nothing insurmountable; not even close to what we walked down at the waste water treatment plant (pictured above; our photo friend Linnae joined us).  The rocks weren’t as big either, but my oh my did they leave a mark.  I am not even completely sure how it happened, but I took a bit of a spill.  I had a camera in each hand at the time of the tumble.  There were no hands breaking my fall.  Cameras came through mostly unscathed and one lens hood was broken.  It probably would have been two lens hoods, but I already broke the other one earlier in the day :-/  Bad day for lens hoods.

Upcoming Red Wing riverboat schedule:

American Queen
October 18—Dock at 10AM, Depart at 5PM
October 21—Dock at 8AM, Depart at 5 PM
October 23—Dock at 10AM, Depart at 5PM
November 4—Dock at 8AM, Depart at TBD
November 6—Dock at 10AM, Depart at 5PM

Queen of the Mississippi
October 26, Dock at 2AM, Depart at Noon
October 27, Dock at 7PM, Stay Overnight
October 28—Depart at Noon
*Colvill Park in Red Wing, Minnesota is named for Colvill, and he is represented by a statue in the Minnesota State Capitol. In addition, a section of Minnesota State Highway 19 from Gaylord to Red Wing is named in his honor.