2013: Week #22 Photography

Short work-week due to the Memorial Day holiday – hooray!  I love short weeks.  I would have loved it more if the weather was decent, but that is the way this holiday usually goes around here – rain, rain, rain; then some more rain.

Another active and varied photo week.  From Blondie (the squirrel) munching in the backyard to the picturesque skyline of St. Paul and other points in between.  Friday brought some huge puffy clouds and stormy weather.  I watched it follow me home the whole way in my side mirror.

We are getting ready to head out on a little weekend adventure in Southwestern Minnesota.  Can’t wait to see what we find.  Have a great weekend all.


Foggy Rainy Day

It was a misty and foggy day in Red Wing.  A perfect day to not rush anything; just sip coffee, mill around town a bit and enjoy the morning.  No Saturday a.m. is complete without stopping by the local farmer’s market.  There are still plenty of fresh vegetables there, but a loaf of tasty something-or-other was in order from The Grateful Bread.

The Fall Festival of Art is this weekend (Sat & Sun) and Red Wing was buzzing right away this a.m. with artist setting up their booths and displaying their wares.  The on and off sprinkles did not make for optimal browsing weather – tomorrow should be nicer.

Red Wing Shoe Company is having their 1st annual tent sale.  Awesome deals to be had there.  I added two pair of boots to my collection, but no luck on cold weather boots for Cyndie 😦  Fall is in full-gear and Winter will be here soon :-/


After we departed the tent sale we witnessed a boat tangling with some power lines while being transported through town.   Traffic was hosed up for a while – it was already slow due to the art festival.  When the boat hit the wires, they popped from the poles and building along a two block stretch.  That didn’t look like any fun.

Much to do.  Falling behind on photo processing.  Two shoots from last weekend to do yet.  Busy busy busy as usual.  Since we were already out and about we decided to shoot some more.  The foggy, misty day served up a variety of opportunities.  Life is good.  Happy weekend.

Flooding Rains: June 14th, 2012

Torrential rains fell during the afternoon and evening of June 14 in Goodhue, Rice and Dakota Counties. Hardest hit was northern Goodhue County with reports of six to eight inches. The highest 24 hour total found so far is 8.83 inches from a National Weather Service Cooperative observer located in Cannon Falls. Another volunteer observer reported 8.40 inches in Stanton Township in northwestern Goodhue County. Another observer located in Northfield in Rice County recorded 7.13 inches. The 8.83 inches measured at Cannon Falls is the largest 24-hour total June rainfall measured at a Minnesota National Weather Service Volunteer Cooperative station in the history of the program. The previous record was 8.67 inches measured on June 17, 1957 at Minnesota.

The focus for the heavy rain was a stalled warm front that was draped across southern Minnesota. The heavy downpours caused flooding in basements in the hard hit areas, as well as rapidly rising rivers. The Little Cannon River near Cannon Falls rose twelve feet in about ten hours and set a new record crest. The Cannon River at Welch was near a record crest by 10am June 15. Numerous roads were closed in Goodhue County, including Highway 52 during the evening of the 14th. People were being asked to evacuate their homes in parts of Cannon Falls.

July 1, back-roads around Welch, MN area.  
You don’t have to study the topography of the area that much to get a sense for what that kind of water would have looked like raging down all those valleys.  Well over two weeks have passed and roads and bridges are still being repaired.  The damage is incredible.

Teddy…stuck in some twigs 7′ up in tree along a stream bank

Large trees strewn about a flood-damaged corn field

 You can see the piles of debris along the treeline next to the river.

This road is in pretty good shape compared to others we were on.

Deep, cavernous trenches lined many of the country roads…where they weren’t missing large sections or even washed out completely.

Here are a few other shot from our drive about looking at storm damage.