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2013: Week #38 Photography

I hope everyone had a good week and are well into enjoying their weekend.  Cyn and I just finished up some dinner on the patio next to a modest fire in the pit.  I love the chill in the air that Autumn brings.   And now for dessert – chocolate chip cookies – num num num num num num num.  I am going to cookie-monster them up.

This last week was nice.  Mild weather, a full moon and we finally saw some much-needed rain to.  I ran into an expansive farmers market on University Avenue in St. Paul on my way home on Friday.  Fresh vegetables galore!

Ding!  Cookies are done; time to num num num num num num!  Here are my shot from the week.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

2013: Week #29 Photography

If returning from a great trip away wasn’t enough to acclimate to, the heat and humidity of this last week was especially trying.  I am eternally grateful for air conditioning.  I was excited to return home to our cherry tomatoes ripening and other flowers in bloom.  What a difference a week can make. Here is the latest installment of some things urban and others country, garden vegetables to city streets and inhabitants thereof.    Have a great weekend everyone!