2013: Weeks #45 Photography

Goodbye week 45.  Short and sweet today – much to do before we depart for some fun.

Here is what I saw through the lens this week.  I will mention one thing – the little old lady in short (November in MN) that just walked right into traffic cracked me up!  Have a great weekend everyone.


2013: Weeks #44 Photography

Another week closer to the end…or good ol 2013.  We saw our first measurable snow this week – ick.  It wasn’t much, but just enough  for people to not utilize common sense.  Wet + <32 = ?  Huh?  I don’t geddit.  It baffles me each year at this time.  There is not atom splitting going on here.

It was entertaining to watch all of the five-O fund-raising this last week.  They have been at it for a few weeks now with a day off here and there to trick those that do not pay attention.  Yep, there are plenty of them too.  They are in the same group as those above.  Cop + speeding = ?  Huh?  I don’t geddit.

It isn’t hideously cold out yet thankfully.  There is still time for that long neglected yard work that should have been done weeks ago.  Finishing coffee and getting dressed to tackle all that super-duper fun joy joy stuff now.  Have a great weekend all.

Here are s few shot from this last week.

2013: Weeks #44 Photography

It was a slow photography week.  I managed a few shots; here they are.  Have a great weekend everyone!

The license plate says it all
Huh?  I've never seen that bread before.
Huh? I’ve never seen that bread before.
From the former rows of corn, a substation under construction appears
From the former rows of corn, a substation under construction appears – Hwy 52
Early morning - St. Paul, MN
Early morning – St. Paul, MN
Customized car emblem - now that is detail.
Customized car emblem – now that is detail.

2013: Weeks #41-43 Photography

It would appear as though I have been slacking a bit on my weekly photography.  That’ll happen when you travel about for an extended period of time capturing several hundred frames nature’s beautiful Autumn spectacle.  It take a bit of time to review and process all that wonderful.

I love the MN North Shore.  I don’t think there is a “bad time” to travel there and photograph lake, waterfalls, rivers, shoreline and numerous other features.  I think the next venture should be during the Winter.  Ice is awesome along the shore.

Here are  my weekly shots from that last few weeks.  More than one of them gave me a chuckle.

Dreary Autumn Day- Part Duex

Hopeful for a clearing in the weather, Cyn and I set out to scout the West Bank of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.  Sunday was no better than Saturday weather-wise.  To make things more fun, the Twin Cities Marathon was right in our tracks, but only part of the way.  We started on the East side of the river in St. Paul and eventually were able to make our way to the Mill Ruins area; home of the stone arch bridge and the Premium Grain Belt bottle cap sign.  At this point the annoying sprinkle had turned into a pretty steady rain.  We spend the rest of the day scouting in the car and sneaking shots in between rain showers.  The Fall color was plentiful all up and down the river.

I can’t wait to get back to some of these locations for a night shoot in a couple of weeks.

2013: Week #40 Photography

The countdown (or count up) to 2014 continues – tic toc tic toc – week 40 has come and gone.  I’ve been playing around in the low light on my morning commutes.  I figure most anyone can take a reasonably sharp picture, so how about a little motion blur and grain.  It isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The Autumn color is arriving and will hopefully be around for a bit.  I am anxious to shot some landscape and time-lapse photography.  This is my favorite time of the year and so far it has been pretty blah.  One more week and it is off to the North Shore though – can’t wait.

Here are my week #40 shots.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Pickerel Lake Landing – St. Paul, MN

This is another shot from 2011.  There is this fabulous view just west of Wabasha Street via Plato Blvd; then W Water Street which eventually turns info Lilydale Road.  Pickerel Lake is beautiful and full will color in Autumn.  I remember the day well.  The lake was very busy with waterfowl swimming around as well as coming and going.

//original 2011 post//

Original 2011 rendition

Here is the rework of the file.  16×9 aspect ratio crop and a bit of post processing work in LR5.


2013: Week #39 Photography

Week 39 of 52.  It is hard to believe that there are only 13 more weeks until the new year.  Time flies when you are having fun.  This weeks line up of weekly shots is mostly urban as there isn’t much light to speak of anymore on my commute in.  I shot more so on my commute home, but I still try shots and experiment with different techniques in low light though; post processing can only do so much.

My somewhat off-beat fascination with irrigation systems has spread to alleyways and telephone poles; we’ll see where this goes.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Another image from that same day in October 2011, but later in the evening before sunset.  The same railroad lift bridge at a very different angle.  This photo was taken from the extreme Eastern edge (downstream) of the Raspberry Island; down past the Schubert Club Bandshell.  Most of the time [except in high-water] there is a sand beach there.  Part of my tripod was in the water on this shot to achieve the low angle.  This appears to be around the time that I learned about foreground components in a landscape.

//original 2011 post//

Original 2011 rendition

Here is the rework of the file.  16×9 aspect ratio crop and a bit of post processing work in LR5.


St. Paul Raspberry Island View

I have been trudging through my archives looking for images that I particularly enjoyed back in 2011 and still do today.

Here is one of my favorites from October 8th, 2011.  This image taken from Raspberry Island under the Wabasha Street bridge in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Nice view of the railroad lift bridge and the tugs stacked against the levee.  I couldn’t have asked for better clouds or color for the sunrise.

This was my version almost two years ago:

This is my new version today, with a slightly different crop and different post processing:


One of my favorite things is to look back from whence I have come.  It helps complete the picture of where you are now by providing the contrast from where you have been – me