MN North Shore – Autumn Journey – Day 1

Any long-time follower of this blog knows that with Cyndie and I; although destinations are great, it is all about the journey in between those destination that really stand as lasting memories through the years for us.  This trip was no exception.  The in between was great!

Our first day we made it as far as Grand Marais.  This is by far my favorite area on the MN North Shore to be.  Its close proximity to The Gunflint Trail, Judge CR Magney State Park, Cascade River State Park, Temperance River State Park and all of the back roads, forest roads and loops you can travel are via car are phenomenal.  It’s beautiful country.

Along the way to Grand Marais we stopped at Temperance River State Park.  Later in the afternoon we made out way out to Honeymoon Bluff.  There was no sunset to be had as it was cloudy and overcast, but we made the best of it.  It was full day.  Even Though the color was 100% or past peak (in most areas), there was still some great color and likely 80% less people than a week ago.  Day 1 was pretty smooth sailing; Day 2 though, we were part of a 3 car traffic jam on a forest road.  The congestion cleared soon enough though.  Here are some shot from day 1.


Honeymoon Bluff – Gunflint Trail – Grand Marais, MN

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Honeymoon Bluff – Gunflint Trail | MN North Shore

Fall 2013 North Shore series
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2013: Week #34 Photography

It was a long short week for me having been in and out of the office a couple of different days and then playing catch up.   I have been enjoying the sun rises and sets in August, but have not photographed them nearly enough.  I finally took some time and barely caught a gorgeous sunset.  The Queen of the Mississippi was in town docked at Levee Park this week too.  I always try to grab a couple of shots when these river boats pass through.

I’d say have a great weekend, but is Sunday and the weekend is almost over and another week will quickly be upon us.  It is going to be a steamy one around here – 90’s and humid the whole week; just in time for the Minnesota State Fair.  Stay cool and have a great week everyone.


16:9 is an aspect ration for more than television and computer monitors.  It is a nice and interesting departure from the likes of 4:3 and it has quickly become my go to crop ratio; both horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) orientations.  I’ve grown a new appreciation for 1:1 & 12:6 (2:1) lately as well.  Here is a great article on The Are of Using Aspect Ratios in Digital Photography.

We were leaving Red Wing yesterday morning on our way to shoot swans and were presented with an opportunity.  It was exactly sunrise as we crossed the Cannon River.  When you have nice color and clouds, there is no questions – stop and shoot it; so we did.  Here are my shots composed entirely in 16:9 both vertical and horizontal.  What I like most about the 16:9 vertical, with a wide-angle lens, is the sense of depth you can convey.  12:6 would deeper yet.  I will have to play around with that as well.