2013: Weeks #41-43 Photography

It would appear as though I have been slacking a bit on my weekly photography.  That’ll happen when you travel about for an extended period of time capturing several hundred frames nature’s beautiful Autumn spectacle.  It take a bit of time to review and process all that wonderful.

I love the MN North Shore.  I don’t think there is a “bad time” to travel there and photograph lake, waterfalls, rivers, shoreline and numerous other features.  I think the next venture should be during the Winter.  Ice is awesome along the shore.

Here are  my weekly shots from that last few weeks.  More than one of them gave me a chuckle.


2013: Week #39 Photography

Week 39 of 52.  It is hard to believe that there are only 13 more weeks until the new year.  Time flies when you are having fun.  This weeks line up of weekly shots is mostly urban as there isn’t much light to speak of anymore on my commute in.  I shot more so on my commute home, but I still try shots and experiment with different techniques in low light though; post processing can only do so much.

My somewhat off-beat fascination with irrigation systems has spread to alleyways and telephone poles; we’ll see where this goes.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

2013: Week #29 Photography

If returning from a great trip away wasn’t enough to acclimate to, the heat and humidity of this last week was especially trying.  I am eternally grateful for air conditioning.  I was excited to return home to our cherry tomatoes ripening and other flowers in bloom.  What a difference a week can make. Here is the latest installment of some things urban and others country, garden vegetables to city streets and inhabitants thereof.    Have a great weekend everyone!

2013: Week #27 Photography

Another beautiful week for photography.  This weeks shots are mostly urban in subject with a couple of country ones towards the end.  This alley way is on Wall St in between E 6th and E 5th Streets in downtown St. Paul; across the street from School of Rock.  Cyndie and I spied this inviting narrow passage on our way to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market.  It was worth the 15 minute walk through.

right through there
right through there

I’ve noticed that I continue to take shots of this particular tunnel coming out of downtown St. Paul the leads to a on ramp to I94.  I have numerous shots of it; not sure why.  It must be the way the light fades in one side and out the other – or the way the light beams out from the lights on the wall.  I don’t have any shots of another particular item this week and that is only because the farmers have just turned them on today as we haven’t had much rain.  The irrigation sprinklers draw me right it.  I can’t explain it.  Looking back in last years photos I noticed that I have an awful lot of shot of those sprinkler…so you have that to look forward to 🙂

Happy Friday all – have a great weekend!