Another image from that same day in October 2011, but later in the evening before sunset.  The same railroad lift bridge at a very different angle.  This photo was taken from the extreme Eastern edge (downstream) of the Raspberry Island; down past the Schubert Club Bandshell.  Most of the time [except in high-water] there is a sand beach there.  Part of my tripod was in the water on this shot to achieve the low angle.  This appears to be around the time that I learned about foreground components in a landscape.

//original 2011 post//

Original 2011 rendition

Here is the rework of the file.  16×9 aspect ratio crop and a bit of post processing work in LR5.



St. Paul Raspberry Island View

I have been trudging through my archives looking for images that I particularly enjoyed back in 2011 and still do today.

Here is one of my favorites from October 8th, 2011.  This image taken from Raspberry Island under the Wabasha Street bridge in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Nice view of the railroad lift bridge and the tugs stacked against the levee.  I couldn’t have asked for better clouds or color for the sunrise.

This was my version almost two years ago:

This is my new version today, with a slightly different crop and different post processing:


One of my favorite things is to look back from whence I have come.  It helps complete the picture of where you are now by providing the contrast from where you have been – me

Bridges showcase historic event

On May 14th, 2013 Minnesota became the 12th U.S. state to approve same-sex marriage.  The first lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples will able allowed to tie the know when the law takes effect August 1.

In recognition of this historic event, the City of St. Paul adorned the Wabasha Street bridge with rainbow flags.

In addition to the Wabasha Street bridge, the I-35W in Minneapolis was lit up in a rainbow fashion to celebrate Minnesota’s Gay Marriage Legalization.