Chippy 2 – Audrey 0


I sit on the path in the sun charging my inner-chippy-hunter constantly on guard
I sit on the path in the sun charging my inner-chippy-hunter constantly on guard

The saga of Chippy & Audrey continued this a.m.  This time, Audrey was almost met with success as I assisted her in removing some limestone rock from a retaining wall.  Audrey was barking and biting the rock; she wanted the furry lil thing in a very bad way.

Can you see my tail?  How about my butt blur?
Can you see my tail? How about my butt blur?

Chippy flew out of a gap with crazy speed and darted into another retaining wall.  Fortunate for it.  Audrey was hot on its tail though.  Again, she was digging and biting at the rock.  She was become quite adept at traversing the many obstacles between her and her quarry.

At 12 years old, she is as spry and nimble as a pup, but still not as quick as Chippy.  A mere mention of a treat did not rattle her concentration; she was in the “chippy zone” hard this time.  There was an up close and personal visual this go round; one that will certainly not soon leave her mind.


Chippy 1- Audrey 0

Poor Audrey has been chasing Chippy around the yard for days.  That little chipmunk is just too quick for her and its hiding spot too numerous.  The limestone retaining walls provides easy cover.   She tried and tried to get at chippy.  This dance plays itself out most days; multiple times a day.  She is vigilant.  A call for a treat eventually persuaded her to leave Chippy be.

A very wiener Christmas

I must confess that I am a convert.  I was a big dog, Labrador lover through and through.  I never thought I would enjoy the company of a smaller dog – not to mention two of them, but wieners are different.  They have incredible personalities – especially these two girls.  They are two little bundles of joy and I love them dearly.

I’ve never seen a four-legger so into Christmas before.  Tindra and Audrey were very excited about opening their presents…more so than wearing their costumes 🙂  After all the fun they settled into their usual places and snoozed the rest of the evening away.  Good times.

Where does the time go?

November is flying by and I haven’t been out shooting much at all much.  This last week I have been cursed with “the crud.”  Being the typical man I am, a bit too stubborn and all that, I haven’t been to the doctor like I should have (5 minutes away).  It is time now, though, to head this crap off before it turns into pneumonia.  It doesn’t seem to be subsiding at all.  Off to the minute clinic…an hour away.

We did get out yesterday for a few moments and enjoyed some 70 degree weather.  We took the wieners for a car ride and scoped out a shooting location.  The fresh air was nice.

Cyndie looks much better holding that Nikon don’t you think?  🙂