Blowy Snowy



Sunset Star Puppies

Nope – not the latest pop band.  AKA Sun Dogs


2013: Weeks #45 Photography

Goodbye week 45.  Short and sweet today – much to do before we depart for some fun.

Here is what I saw through the lens this week.  I will mention one thing – the little old lady in short (November in MN) that just walked right into traffic cracked me up!  Have a great weekend everyone.

Move over Bambi – Wieners on Ice

OK…it’s snow, but that would not have delivered as much “pow” on the title.  Found these two shots of girls while going through the newly completed master jpeg catalog.





Ugh – snow; it will be here before we know.  Am hopeful for a long Autumn season.

Beautiful Sunday Drive

The sunlight was high in the sky, harsh and the shadows it cast where long.  A few clouds graced us with their presence overhead throughout the day.  It was only in the low to mid 20’s, but with the sun, I would have sworn it was 40.  It was one of those Sunday’s that you welcome a drive; some time to be out and about – out of the house.

Today’s mission was simple…some cheese from the Eau Galle Cheese Factory.  The outing was different in that we actually planned to go here rather than happening by it an hour early or 10 minutes after it closed.  It is a somewhat narrow window to hit on a Sunday, 11-4:30.  Blueberry Cheddar, Cranberry Cheddar, Buffalo Wing Jack and even Chocolate cheese…all seriously yummy.

While en route to and the return trip from our destination, we happily took in familiar sites.  The drive through Porcupine, WI area and surrounding bluffs and valleys always affords spectacular views.  The deer where out in numbers this day – no doubt soaking up some sun.  They too seem anxious for Spring, or at the very least look it.  These are not your common yard-fed critters.

Our last stop of the day before home was in Stockholm, WI at the Stockholm Pie Company.  Oh my.  Yes, I would love a slice of pecan pie.  Small and quaint place with lots of character.

Assorted Photos – 2013: Week #10

Another interesting week in photography and weather.  It is a crazy time of year; this transitional weather certainly affords a certain level of variety.  Huge dump of snow early in the week, hoar frost and fog mid-week and now rain at the tail-end of the week.  The rain will turn to snow,  ice, or both here shortly because that’s just the way it works around here this time of year.

Old Schoolhouse – Elgin, MN

I did the obvious Google search to no avail.  I haven’t had much luck locating any information on this old schoolhouse.  Cyndie and I spotted it last August while out on a drive.  At that time is was surrounded by corn.  It stands on the edge of a farmer’s field Southwest from Elgin, MN; off CO Rd 24 NE.  The interior wasn’t all that spectacular, but the chalkboard was interesting.  The chipped and pealing paint and vines certainly added texture to the old structure.

On, Off and Over – Ramps

I snapped this Friday in the wee morning hours on my way to work.  I like the sense of motion and the vehicle headlights travelling along on all the various planes in the scene.  On to the freeway, off of the freeway and over the freeway.  Ramps.

On, Off and Over - Ramps

A familiar place – different season

The lovely hay and corn covered rolling hills I admired all Summer and Fall are all covered with snow and ice :-/

On another note, the snow and ice does provide for a very dramatic and contrasted scene which I very much enjoy.  Seasons change – change more than the scenery; sometime it changes your approach in how you compose and process your photographs.