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Red Wing, Minnesota


His beautiful and talented wife, Cynthia


Two aged dachshunds, Tindra & Audrey


 DSC_4308  D200 Sunday Drive 056





Born and raised near the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area in the scenic Mississippi River town of Red Wing, Dan Traun photographs everyday life and publishes those images on Dan Traun Photography.

Previously, he published his photography via Outdoor Guy Photography; the site remains online to showcase his work from 2011 to 2013.

Currently, Dan is working on a joint venture with his wife, Cynthia, also a photographer.  Our Photo Lives presents the beauty the two capture during their travels.

The couple’s portrait/wedding work can be found at Traun Photography. Additionally, a collection of Dan’s photos from 2011-2013 is showcased here with prints available for purchase.

Dan became fascinated with photography at a young age while snapping casual shots of his everyday surroundings and of local events. His interest in photography grew as he did. He soon began photographing the countrysides of Minnesota and Wisconsin and has many fond memories of back roads, picturesque scenery and time spent with family/friends.

This long-time photographer’s experience ranges from portrait to studio, event, Nature, panoramic, scenic and urban styles of photography. His preferred styles are scenic (water/landscapes) and urban (street/architecture) photography.

Creating a timeless photo, Dan believes, requires knowledge of the subject or area. Sometimes that means photographing the location/subject over many years and at different times of the year.

Dan observes that each day begins with unique circumstances and conditions which yield continuing change and variety in nature’s beauty. Given his love of history, he strives to freeze moments in time for future generations. Photos are just as much a part of history, says Dan, as the story itself.

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24 responses to “About Me

  1. Hello, Dan…I found you on Leanne Cole’s blog…checked-out your photographs and tried really hard not to like them (as I’m following too many blogs as it is)…but the more posts I looked at, the harder it became to resist the beauty of your photography…so I’ll be happily following. :)

    Wonderful work…I love all of the old barns and trucks and mills…and countryside…and…well….


  2. Another great photographer using a D7000. I’m that much close to taking the plunge.
    Was thinking about a D3 until someone told me that it wasn’t as suitable for landscape.

    • The D7000 is a solid camera for the price. I was also looking at the D3 until I read several comparisons of the two side by side. I wish the D600 was out at the same time I bought my 7000; I believe I would have saved more and went that route. There will always be another camera you want. I still shoot with my first DSLR, my D60, quite a bit along with a D200. Although the camera is an integral part of the equation, it is the photographer that creates the image.

  3. Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog and the like. Have been checking out yours. Awesome photography. I am still learning and hoping to upgrade my D5000 soon!

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