The Danger of Firsts

One has to be careful what they start, or in this case where you stop.

Habits can easily develop.


I’ve driven past this green, white and red building for several years now, but have never stopped.  Don Panchos Bakery.  This little gem is along Cesar Chavez Street in West St. Paul’s del sole district.  I am usually more focused on getting to work or going home when I pass by.  My curiosity finally got the best of me even though I have been trying to avoid these types of establishments.  I can be somewhat of a bread fiend and I suspected they would probably have something super duper tasty-riffic in there.

I fell off the bakery wagon a few months ago at the local farmers market.  The Greatful Bread was too much to resist.  Now, each day, when I pass by Don Panchos I keep saving to myself, “I should really stop in, just to see what it is all about.”  About a month ago I did.  This Mexican bakery is wonderful.  Conchas, orejas, marranitos, curenitos, emapandas de camote, oh my. Very good things here.  The cuernitos (croissants) are so buttery-yummy; they keep me coming back week after week.  The cream cheese and jalapeno stuff bread is outstanding as well.

Friday afternoons are my usual habit, but I’ve found myself stopping on Mondays and even a Wednesday here and there; in additional to Fridays!  Must finds some self control here.  This place is clearly dangerous, but sometimes it is worth the risk.  Tis the season.  I have more than reached my ideal winter weight already and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet 🙂  The danger of firsts is that it easily turns into seconds, thirds, fourths – you get the idea.  Careful now; you can’t say you were not warned.

Efrain Perez, owner of the Don Panchos Bakery is a fourth-generation baker who emigrated from Mexico.  He has owned Don Panchos since 1998.

Don Panchos Bakery
140 Cesar Chavez St
St. Paul, MN 55107
(651) 225-8744


6 Replies to “The Danger of Firsts”

  1. Wow, that is true about dangerous firsts. I find that when I am near a Mexican store, I tend to wander towards the bakery and see what they have, including fresh tortilla’s if possible!

  2. It is rare that I pass by a good bakery, fresh bread with lashing of butter is a favourite and if they have vanilla slice or fruit pies then even better. Almost summer here and I am trying to shed my winter weight 🙂

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